Fund Manager Q&A
James Marlay

Dr Philipp Hofflin was a late starter when it came to investing. That’s because he dedicated years of his life to academic study, ultimately earning a PhD in Magnetohydrodynamics. By his own admission, this deep knowledge on a single topic offered very little practical application, which lead him to pursue... Show More

Daily Report
James Gerrish

Another really strong day for Aussie stocks as traders position for further interest rate cuts locally following a weaker than expected print on inflation at 11.30am this morning…A host of investment banks along with ANZ, WBC and NAB are now calling for two rate cuts this year, the... Show More

Peter Gardner

Interest rates around the world, including Australia, have been falling recently. Where conventional wisdom one year ago was for rising rates, now expectations have factored in domestic rate cuts and falling yields over the next 3 years. Aussie 10-year government bonds are at all-time lows standing at 1.75%. This change... Show More

Schroders Australia

They have seen the whites of the enemy’s eyes and beat a hasty retreat. Given the correlation of equity markets with the progression of quantitative easing, the prospect of tighter monetary conditions, particularly in the US, sent shivers through markets in the final quarter of 2018. Show More

Asset Allocation
Dr Don Hamson

Forecast for shares income, including from the banks, remains solid. For the “glass half empty” thinkers, there is plenty of bad news to focus on in 2019 – the Trump trade war, Brexit, falling house prices, the final report of the Financial Services Royal Commission, political risk and more. Show More

Marcus Bogdan

The ASX 200 index recently corrected over 10% from its year high on the 29th August. Investors can take advantage of this volatility to add to companies that remain well positioned in their perspective industries and are supported by robust balance sheets. Cognisant that volatility could remain elevated, it is... Show More

NAOS Asset Management

The Internet of Things, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence will disrupt and transform virtually every industry and area of the economy over the next decade. In just the past six months, cloud service providers have increased their capital investments significantly” Gary Dickerson, CEO, Applied Materials Show More

James Gerrish

Yesterday I sat down with Peter O’Connor, our Resource Analyst at Shaw and Partners. According to Bloomberg rankings, Peter is the No 1 rated analyst for BHP, RIO, Alumina (AWC) and Independence (IGO) – so his views clearly hold weight. Show More

James Gerrish

This time last year we wrote a piece on Livewire calling a short-term top for resources, targeting a correction of around 10% before we became buyers once again, which you can see here. As it turned out, resources did retreat by a little over 10% affording us an attractive buying... Show More