Apurv Baviskar

Fantastic article.

Marcus James

Great writing as always Rudi. I'm one in the "I wish I never sold part of my shares" bracket, but have still done very well over the long-term with CSL. So much credit must got to Brian McNamee and his time as CEO. So far it's looking like business as usual under Paul Perrault term.

Brendan W

So today we just close our eyes and " Buy and Hold " if we waited too long because it was considered too expensive previously ?


Very good article, again, Rudi - many thanks. I own it, and am likely to buy more. It's a company where you just get a strong feeling that the board can be trusted, all of the time, to make good, solid, decisions.

Rob Hay

Thank you Rudi for a great article on CSL. I have owned shares since 2006 and they represent a fantastic return. A company is only as good as its board and CEO . CSL I believe is in very good hands.

Francoise Kempster

Excellent article, never disappointed by your analysis

D Lee

I'm no expert on plasma, but are CSL's advantages open to technological changes? eg in ten years time, there is a way to make plasma in a lab rather than collect it?

Peter Brown

Good article. In defense of technical analysis I'm not sure how you decided technical analysts thought it was going to $100. People who look at charts aren't a homogeneous group. I use monthly charts. My monthly chart said the last buy signal occured in 2017 and there have been no sell signals since then. Prior to that a buy signal occured in 2012 and a sell signal in late 2016. In the first case I have increased my capital, to date, 250% and in the second case it increased 360%.