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Investing In Oil Price Momentum, And Other Twists

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

It is a fact not often highlighted by investors in energy and mining stocks, but financial market participants tend to treat producers of crude oil and natural gas more favourably than they do mining stocks. Show More

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What does the future hold for your portfolio?

Adrian Warner

Recent stock market volatility has some investors now wondering what the future might hold for their investment portfolio and whether they should be making changes. Why investors should be worrying more about this now, after a period of volatility, than they were two months ago is somewhat of a mystery. Show More

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L1's checklist for protecting capital

Livewire Exclusive

Mark Landau, Joint Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer at L1 Capital, is familiar with protecting against the downside. His Long Short Fund has outperformed the ASX200 in every market sell off since it launched in September 2014. Show More

Smart money and dumb money

Marcus Padley

I have never liked the expression “Smart money.” It is demeaning to individual investors and used by commentators to imply they are smart and the rest of you aren’t. But a lot of supposedly smart professionals do some very dumb things, and a lot of non-professional investors, often our clients,... Show More

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Opportunities and risks in the pricing of LICs

Dominic   McCormick

There are now more than 100 closed end listed investment funds on the ASX including Listed Investment Companies (“LICs”) and Listed Investment Trusts (“LITs”). For simplicity I will refer to them all as “LICs”. LICs differ from other listed funds such as ETFs and active ETFs in a range of... Show More

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Surviving and profiting from the market rout

Nathan Bell

If you’re a know-something investor, then you’ve likely been expecting or hoping for a correction with increased volatility for a while. Corrections are normal, what’s been abnormal is the 59% increase in the S&P500 from the low of 1,810 in February 2016 without a 5% correction. Clearly this blissful period... Show More

Hot thematics and how to approach them

Livewire Exclusive

Thematic investing takes advantage of correctly predicting future trends, and the significant capital flows they can subsequently generate. For example, if you correctly anticipated the coming growth in the electric vehicle market, you could have monetised long-term trends across the EV supply chain, including battery minerals. Show More

5 (and a half) educational articles you loved last year

Patrick Poke

Reading the latest stock tips and macro calls is fun and useful for generating new ideas, but educational articles offer real long-term value. As the proverb goes: “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a... Show More

Global Equities: The Top 10 PE10

Callum Thomas

Here's an updated scan across countries and regions to find the top (and bottom) PE10, and follows on from a previous version I shared back in August last year. Briefly on methodology, the PE10 is a stock market valuation metric which compares the stock index to the average earnings of... Show More

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Livewire Summer School: Going with the flow

Marcus Padley

There is Fundamental analysis and there is Technical analysis. A lot of investors think it ends there. But there is another body of analysis that is essential to the process which is not so obvious, analysis that any fund manager in the small and mid-cap space must master and respect. Show More

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Livewire Summer School: Protecting your portfolio from major downturns

Michael O'Dea

One of the lasting impacts 9 years after the global financial crisis is ultra-low interest rates. This is great if you are a borrower, but not great if you are a saver – because if you avoid risk today, your returns will almost certainly be very low, and potentially lower... Show More

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The top 10 Charts for 2018

Callum Thomas

I spent a lot of time in the 2017 End of Year Special Edition looking back across the year, covering some of my best charts and calls (and some of the worst!). But this article provides a look at the most important part of that report. Show More

Livewire Summer School: Build your ark before the flood

Nathan Bell

Recently a friend described investing over the past eight years since the GFC as investing for the journey. With the world economy currently enjoying a rare patch of synchronized growth, we’ve now arrived. That means it’s a good time to review your battle plan should markets become far less accommodative... Show More

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Why founders make the best investments

Livewire Exclusive

In this week’s Rules of Investing, I sit down with Craig McDonald, co-founder and CEO of Global Founders Funds Management. After successful careers at Goldman Sachs, Craig and his co-founder were inspired to GFFM when they came across research suggesting that founder-run businesses outperformed the broader market. This seems intuitive,... Show More

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Enhancing your returns with macro analysis

Livewire Exclusive

Macro analysis often gets a bad rap these days. Fund managers often prefer to associate themselves with value investors like Warren Buffett, who famously deride the use of macro analysis. However, we can’t all be Warren Buffett, so macro analysis can form an important part of many investment processes. Show More

Where are we in this bull market?

Livewire Exclusive

Sir John Templeton famously said; “bull markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, peak on optimism and die on euphoria.” With the S&P 500 hitting new highs, and growth returning around the world, it’s natural to question how far along the path we are today. Show More

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The Rules of Investing: Valuation with Roger Montgomery

Livewire Exclusive

In the first edition of Livewire’s new podcast, The Rules of Investing, we take a deep dive into one of the most important concepts in investing, valuation. Our guest this week is Roger Montgomery, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Montgomery Investment Management. Show More

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The rally in equities looks set to grind higher

Eley Griffiths Group

These days the challenge in writing an outlook piece for the stockmarket is to try and avoid rehashing the same supportive comments for global equities. I guess a bull case is a bull case even if valuation yardsticks aren’t quite as appealing this quarter as they were in the last. Show More

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Pengana Symposium October 2017

Pengana Capital

Pengana Capital Group is pleased to provide advisers with access to a video replay of the Pengana Symposium held on 10 October, 2017. The presentation features four strategies: Show More

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Livewire Live 2017: Picking the winners and avoiding the bombs

Livewire Exclusive

Protecting against the downside is every bit as important as finding the big winners, after all, it takes a 100% gain to offset a 50% loss. This exclusive panel from Livewire Live hears insights on portfolio protection, diversification, and the management of emotions from three leading fund managers. Show More

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