Aussie market started negative with global sentiment and then rebounded on the credit data showing business recovery. The market was driven mainly by macro while the recent bad boys were hurt further on a negative day. WOW and DSH result has put the negative light on retail as a whole. ANZ, NAB and WBC go ex div in the next few weeks and that will drive yield hunters to jump in to make 14% grossed up I just over 12mths. The market was pumped on the China baby food thematic with one child policy rejig and that drove more interest in an already recovering dairy market. BKL and BGA decided to get together and really make a move on China while BAL lost its take-over premium as BGA finds a new China dance partner. M&A in transport infrastructure got sexy after Qube got their gang of global pension funds to buy a stake in Asciano and block take-over bid. Asciano shareholders are not going to complain. Stay positive and stay nimble!!! (VIEW LINK)