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The local property market has become Australia's favourite topic of debate. It seems everyone has a view and just last week UBS released a research note calling the top for Australian property. So for equity market investors is this something to be concerned about or is it just making headlines? Rhett... Show More

Clime Asset Management

Myer Holdings has been a perennial underperformer for most of the last seven years since their float in 2009. The department store shares were sold at $4.10 in their 2009 float; closed at $3.75 on their first day of trading and has never traded at or above the float price... Show More

The S&P500 suffered a shocking Q3 2015 seeing July +1.3%, August -6.3% and September -2.6% wiped off the value of the index erasing all year on year gains.. Recovery has come back into October however with Fed rate hike likely pushing into 2016, question of whether positive trend sustainable becomes... Show More

Livewire recently featured a report from Watermark Funds discussing 5 industries at risk of disruption - the report generated lots of interest. Livewire spoke with Justin Braitling, CIO of Watermark Funds, to discuss some of the themes the report raised and how they are translating to his views on... Show More

The impending release of Australian retail sales data tomorrow will put the focus on our listed retailers and help set the scene for next month's reporting season. But there's one stock with more to prove come February. Economists are forecasting a 0.2% rise in retail spending for the month of November... Show More