Aussie market was directionless with US being closed and gave up the early slight optimism to finish slightly in the red. The market today is best explained through two stocks on either end of sentiment spectrum. SGH has had its life beaten out of it for what market sees as risks. On the other hand CSL has moved from $25 to $100 in 4 years as the market continues to reward it for earnings stability, growth plans, global business model and exposure to rising global demand for health services. The market wants certainty, but needs growth when growth is hard to find. They may not be able to grow margins or revenue, but they can always cut costs to deliver more yield and growth for the next year or two and bet on the economy to turn around. Since we won’t see any policy action in 2016, corporates will do what they need to do. Despite few days of profit taking, it still looks like we are having the Christmas rally!!!!!! (VIEW LINK)