It’s been a short and a quiet week on the ASX, there’s not been a lot of new data out, and the ASX has ambled lower without any obvious motivation. Globally, Brussels (the home of the EU) was at the centre of attention this week, with fears of a ‘Brexit’ being exacerbated by the attacks. A number of technical indicators suggested we were in for a decline this week, so chalk that up to coincidence or the power of technical analysis as you may. I’ve collected 3 pieces with a bit of depth for you this long weekend, so if you get sick from eating too much chocolate you’ve got something to read on the couch.

1) Disruption has undoubtedly become a buzzword in investing circles, but it’s not a new concept; new technologies have been disrupting businesses since the 18th century! Kate Howitt, Portfolio Manager at Fidelity, explains how technological change moves in cycles, and more importantly, where we are in the current one. There are a few ideas I haven’t come across before in here, it explains a lot about the current environment, and it gives some hope for the future.  (VIEW LINK)

2) If there're two things I like reading, it’s stock analysis and investor psychology – here we get both. Karl Siegling from Cadence Capital isn’t afraid to show a bit of conviction in his views, pointing out a number of the positive qualities he sees in Macquarie Group. He also uses this as a way to explain why they utilise technical analysis to scale in and out of positions. Whether or not you support this school of thought, it’s valuable to understand the logic behind it.  (VIEW LINK)

3) Achieving asymmetry in your portfolio might sound rather technical but contained within are some simple but powerful tips. George Soros is famous for his one-sided bets, having made a fortune betting on the decline of the British Pound back in 1992. Alex Hughes from Clime Investment Management shows how you can apply these same ideas to your own investment portfolio.  (VIEW LINK)

This week’s bonus content comes from Alex Leyland at Leyland Asset Management. ‘Old media’ has come back into the spotlight lately with the political attention on suggested changes to legislation. New media has been a hot sector for a while now, with many companies fully valued. Why not get the best of both worlds? Watch the video to find out what Leyland thinks of Fairfax. (VIEW LINK)

I’d like to wish all our readers a safe and happy holiday, and as always, good luck in the markets next week.


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