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The CFA Institute have put together these 34 charts which provide some excellent insights into the US and global economy. While there are some causes for hope, the general message not a positive one. “Companies in aggregate are mired in a multi-decade stagnation. You wouldn’t think that from their valuations though. Shares of the 'FANG' monopolies and 496 other companies fancied by the index committee at Standard & Poor’s change hands for a princely 1.6 times their last 12 months’ revenue.” Bright spots can often be found in unexpected places though. “Shenzhen is the city directly adjacent to Hong Kong on the Chinese mainland, and it’s also the home of a booming technology sector. This has created a sense of promise in the city. In November, the Financial Times reported that residents in Shenzhen could look forward to strong wage growth.” See all the charts and their commentary: (VIEW LINK)


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