In The Australian Financial Review I argue that it is misguided to conceive of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named as irrational, a radical reformer, or a right-wing zealot—history suggests he is none of these things. While one can quibble with his ethics, morality, consistency and personal style, he is unambiguously the pure American profit maximiser that carries the confidence, conviction and narcissism that accompanies those who have experienced extreme success through skill and that other crucial condition precedent, luck. Excerpt enclosed: "Contrary to the caricature of a haphazard, crazy-man that pervades media trying to rationalise its inability to divine his success, You-Know-Who's campaign strategy was highly rational and designed to deliver the impossible. As a professional property developer and entrepreneur, You-Know-Who has repeatedly proven himself to be a master salesman, constructing whatever messages his audience required to buy the product he was purveying. In this case, it was a vision of himself, much as it has been with the You-Know-Who properties that sell the lifestyle he cultivates..." Free (VIEW LINK)


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