interest rates

Patrick Poke

While speculating on the future direction of interest rates, currencies, and monetary policy can generate great headlines, it often raises the question; ‘what does this mean for investors?’ Understanding the implications of the macro environment drives asset allocation decisions, which according to research by Robert Ibbotson and Paul Kaplan, accounts... Show More

Expert Insights

The world has witnessed ultra-easy conventional and unconventional monetary policy since the GFC, but three years ago it reached a point where that policy gradually needed to be removed. But this reversal, which had managed to elevate prices across a whole range of asset classes, became too much for markets... Show More

Andrew Mitchell

People often ask us what investment style is Ophir Asset Management? We respond we are style agnostic, if we believe there is money to be made buying a company that is growing significantly we will invest in it. Likewise, if we believe there is an unloved company that will see... Show More

Fixed Income
Stuart Dear

Understanding how the cycle is progressing has been especially difficult in the post-GFC years. The apparent impotence of monetary policy via its traditional credit (and inflation) creation channel contrasts with the relative strength of labour employment. Yet monetary policy has become much more important for markets, as central banks have... Show More

Brett Gillespie

January 1996. My wife was 8 months pregnant with our first child. I was a proprietary trader at Bankers Trust (had been since 1991), meaning I took macro views on interest rates and currencies. Indeed, very similar to what I do now, but with the bank’s capital rather than investors’... Show More