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He’s going the distance, he’s going for speed

Brett Gillespie

Have you ever pushed the limit? Sure you have, just that little bit further, just that little bit faster. It’s the secret to success. But also sometimes disaster… Perhaps nowhere is breaking that limit as obvious as on a race track. Yet how many of us, as amateurs, love to... Show More

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Why Rate Rises Will Crush All Asset Prices

Christopher Joye

In my AFR column I explain how we faded the recent equities shock picking up $159m of cheap assets but why in the longer-term equities and property are likely to be subject to more serious corrections as higher wages growth and inflation inevitably become the dominant investment dynamic, forcing discount... Show More

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Buy the dip or sell the rallies?

Amit Lodha

While in Taiwan this week, meeting with executives of the technology/smartphone value chain, my hotel room shook with earthquake tremors. It struck me that nature has a unique way of sending us mortality messages every so often. In a similar vein, hidden in all the volatility last week, ‘Mr Market’... Show More

What do higher interest rates mean for your equities portfolio?

Guy Carson

The age of Quantitative Easing is coming to an end (at least until the next crisis). The Federal Reserve in the US has already tapered their purchases and begun raising interest rates. The European Central Bank is expected to follow suit later this year which just leaves the Japanese. As... Show More

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Can Australian homeowners handle higher rates?

Livewire Exclusive

The average variable home loan rate in Australia has fallen from 8.3% to 5.1% in the past ten years, enabling households to borrow more and drive house prices higher. Despite higher levels of household debt, Australians’ level of mortgage stress is quite low. But what if interest rates go up?... Show More

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RBA still on hold

Angus Coote

Yet again another quarter and another CPI miss. The RBA has no reason to move rates on the back of these soft numbers. Despite oil prices rallying throughout the quarter and the global economy and risk in general being bid to the moon, we are still yet to see the... Show More

Gold Market Déjà Vu – Why Gold Could be the Commodity Dark Horse of 2018

Gavin Wendt

There’s an overwhelming sense of déjà vu as far as the gold market is concerned. Two years ago during December 2015, we witnessed the first US Fed rate hike since the 2008 GFC – a 25-basis point increase. This followed years of promises, threats and jawboning by the US Federal... Show More

Australia’s banks still priced for perfection

Livewire Exclusive

Markets have ‘baked in’ expectations that interest rates and inflation will stay low for a long time, but Simon Mawhinney, Chief Investment Officer at Allan Gray, thinks that assuming low rates for an extended period could be dangerous. Show More

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Livewire Christmas Cracker #11: Is 2018 the year the porridge turns cold?

Livewire Exclusive

In our new 'Christmas Cracker' series, each morning through to Christmas we will bring you a top insight for 2018 from one of our contributors. Today’s insight is by Vimal Gor, BT Investment Management. Show More

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Reserve Bank warns of skills shortages


The Reserve Bank of Australia has left the cash rate on hold for a 16th straight month. What changed since the last meeting? Show More

Some good news for dividend investors

Livewire Exclusive

With the challenges facing leading dividend payers like CBA and Telstra, investors would be forgiven for being downbeat on the outlook for dividends. Telstra’s dividend cut alone will shave 12 basis points from next year’s yield on the ASX200. The good news, according to Dr Don Hamson from Plato Investment... Show More

Changing interest rate outlook

Cameron Rae

We are changing our view of Australia’s interest rate outlook essentially pushing out by six months the first RBA cash rate hike to August 2018 from February previously. The main reason why we are changing our rate forecasts is that it looks as if it may take longer for local... Show More

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Charlie Aitken: Setting the trap

Livewire Exclusive

One change in the investment landscape is that markets now only price in the present and there’s no great institutional advantage in access to information. That’s the view of Charlie Aitken, CIO of AIM Funds, who describes his process as akin to setting a trap in anticipation of changing markets. Show More

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A new GPS

PM Capital

In this 6 minute video CIO Paul Moore discusses how to navigate the changing global interest rate environment. Show More

Bond Bull Rips Apart Bears

Christopher Joye

In the AFR today I dwell on the doves' case apropos "low rates for long" and, in particular, engage with the lord of the domestic bond "bulls", Charlie Jamieson, who is uncompromising in his evisceration of the bond "bears" as represented by the likes of Tim Toohey and Brett Gillespie... Show More

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Property goes down when rates go up, right?

Nicholas Sproats

Not really. Show More

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Hedge guru tips huge rate spike

Christopher Joye

In the AFR today I highlight that Australia's main fixed-rate, or Composite Bond index has once again been hammered, suffering significant capital losses as the world reluctantly accepts that long-term interest rates need to rise. Show More

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Oz Construction Cycle: The Impact Is Now

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

Not a day goes by without at least one economist, or journalist, pointing towards the housing cycle in Australia with the message: the cycle has peaked. Certainly, recent data support the thesis, at least for high density dwellings, but not so for other segments of the domestic housing market. With... Show More

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Canada hikes again - what does it mean for the "CANZ economies"?

Callum Thomas

The Bank of Canada hiked interest rates another 25bps to 1.00% today, surprising most. As noted last time (following the July interest rate hike) Canada's housing market is running hot, and has all the hallmarks of a property price bubble. Show More

Investor Signposts: Almost a dozen key indicators due


Caution: Top shelf economic data ahead Show More