The rotation into value continues to gather pace, with the US ten-year yield creeping closer to 2.5% ahead of this week’s Fed rate decision. So tune in as we ask Vince Pezzullo from Perpetual Equity Investment Company, and John Murray from Perennial Value Management: ‘Is it a good time to buy value, and where do we find it in this market’. As John tells us: ‘since the GFC it’s been a really difficult time for value, but that cycle is just starting to turn’. Stock selection remains as important as ever, and as Matthew Kidman summarises: “We might just be heading into a golden era for value stocks, but you just have to make sure you pick the right ones”. In this thematic discussion, John and Vince talk about some of the sectors and stocks they think look attractive on a value basis. Click below to watch the video and the full transcript.