AMA is Australia's leading panel repair business with 63 sites nationally. 1. Defensive Business - Despite technology advances, vehicles crash, hail storms occur and AMA will continue to earn revenue from accident repairs. 2. Blue Chip Clients - The major auto insurers - IAG and Suncorp - pay for the majority of car repairs. And they prefer to be riding along with a corporatised and transparent ASX listed public company. AMA is the only listed player in this $7bn industry. 3. Leading Market Share and Industry Consolidation - AMA had been a speedy acquirer, having integrated 8 significant panel repair businesses in the past 2 years. With over 1,000 businesses operating in this sector, the chequered flag will not be waved for a number of years. 4. Proven Management - Ray Malone has been in the driver's seat with the pedal to the metal for over 7 years, accelerating the market cap from $20m to over $450m. 5. Earnings are Cruising – Normalised EPS in the year to June 16 increased 33%. Link here: (VIEW LINK)