Charlie Aitken from Aitken Investment Management says while recent headlines have focused on the slide in commodities – few have picked up on the price recovery over the past month. “I think commodity prices could rally… No one has mentioned in the last month that the iron ore price has gone up. The oil price has actually gone up and the Aussie dollar has come down. So Australian dollar commodity prices have actually bottomed in my view.“ Aitken says this set up has prompted him to start adding select resources stocks into his portfolio and that he believes Aussie equities could be the surprise performer in the year ahead. “We have started building positions in the low cost, diversified miners in Australia and also their listings in the UK. I think the commodity prices are bottoming. I don’t think I’m going to get instant gratification out of BHP & RIO. But if I look at it, I think there is value there… They may not produce me much of a return in the short term, but they are cheap.”

Patrick Poke

I've held SFR and NST for a while now, and I've recently opened positions in S32 and WSA. Commodity producers are CHEAP - there is blood in the street and everyone is convinced that there's no hope in sight; sounds like a textbook buying opportunity for value investors. I'm looking to buy quality producers in safe jurisdictions, with low costs, long-life assets and strong balance sheets, and I'm finding them at massive discounts to their intrinsic value.

James Marlay

Still can't get convinced I need to be looking in this space. I'm sure these businesses will be around for a while but it still feels too fluid with new supply coming to market...

Gary Burton

Considering the XMJ and XEJ are still in a primary down trend with no basing pattern in sight. My view is this will not be over until the capitulation move to wash out the last of the sellers. Or the collapse of a major.