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Charlie Aitken

The world’s youngest billionaire was crowned in 2019. At age 21, Kylie Jenner and her business Kylie Cosmetics were included into this club. This rapid success reflects how powerful the “Instagram Generation” can be in shaping trends, particularly with respect to health and beauty. Jenner has 131 million followers on... Show More

Fund Manager Q&A

One change in the investment landscape is that markets now only price in the present and there’s no great institutional advantage in access to information. That’s the view of Charlie Aitken, CIO of AIM Funds, who describes his process as akin to setting a trap in anticipation of changing markets.... Show More

This week Livewire attended the ‘Better Manage your Wealth’ seminar, hosted by Market Matters. The event featured talks by a number of speakers including James Gerrish of Shaw Stockbroking, and Charlie Aitken of AIM. Here’s a wrap on Charlie’s current views on 'the good, the bad, and the ugly'... Show More

Star stock-picker, Charlie Aitken, thinks that stock markets may have peaked in April 2015. “It’s probably fair to say that the bull market is over. I think you have to pick stocks”. Most of the top 20 stocks are going backwards as there’s no growth in banks or resources. While... Show More

Bell Potter

Bell Potter executive director Charlie Aitken has entered the debate over the future of Westfield Retail Trust, strongly advising clients to vote for the merger between Westfield Retail and the Australian and New Zealand operations of Westfield Group. Read the full article by the AFR at this link Show More