The Covid Crash was a stark reminder of the virtues of a long-term mindset and a focus on high-quality companies. It’s old hat for us at Lakehouse Capital, though, where we’ve been executing on a long-term, high-conviction, growth-focused approach since Day One.

While we’re the first to say that past performance is in the past, the Lakehouse Global Growth Fund’s total return of 86.7% after fees from inception in December 2017 through the end of July 2020 compared to a 21.8% return for its benchmark shows progress towards our goal of long-term outperformance.

Lakehouse considers that long-term outperformance requires a willingness to think and act differently, including a unique approach to idea generation and emphasis on asymmetric outcomes. The Lakehouse Global Growth Fund, which is focused on backing leading growth companies in developed markets around the world, has a “Recommended” rating from Zenith and a “Superior” rating from SQM Research. 

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