In this report, our analysts share their sector view and top stock picks for 2018 across sectors including banks and general insurers, diversified financials, LICs, fixed income, agricultural FMCG, technology, discretionary retail, industrials, resources, and healthcare & biotech.

TS Lim provides his view on the implications of the Royal Commission, Lafitani Sotiriou includes Afterpay Touch in the Emerging Diversified Financials list, Jonathan Snape provides an overview of the two dairy stocks that make the cut, Sam Haddad finds some retail stocks he likes despite the sector headwinds, the resources team list nine resource juniors to add to watchlists, and the healthcare team offer some new ideas from the ASX's top performing sector of 2017.

Click below for the full 17-page report covering our team’s top stock picks for 2018.

romayne louey

I thought this article was excellent, very easy to read. I especially liked the way the stocks were categorised into sectors. I have a small question. What is PT and TP? Is it price target and target price? If so what is the time frame for these estimations? Regards and thanks, Romayne

Bell Potter

Hi Romayne. Yes, PT and TP are price target and target price, respectively. The price targets are for a 12 month time frame. Thanks!