In this report, our analysts share their sector view and top stock picks for FY21 across a range of sectors including banks and general insurers, LICs and LITs, agricultural & FMCG, technology, discretionary retail, travel and tourism, engineering and construction, industrials, healthcare, emerging companies, resources and hybrids.

TS Lim likes three financials that have strong risk management and defensive qualities
including healthy balance sheets. Lafitani Sotiriou however, points to a turnaround story, a high-growth fintech, and a micro-cap with "a true global footprint". Over in the LICs/LITs sector, Will Gormly nominates three global LICs/LITs investing in high quality global large caps. For energy and resources investors out there, Peter Arden, David Coates and Stuart Howe share nine companies across a range of commodities that are set to perform in this unusual environment.

To read about these stocks and the rest of the team's picks in our full 18-page report covering our 44 top stock picks for FY21, read the full report below.


Please provide a summary of how you June 2019 top stock picks are going

Jack Ryan

Have a look at MSB today - damn!

Paul Bourke

Great analysis of the selected companies. However I was surprised you didn't cover IPL with increase in Gold mining activity. BIN as a turn around stock over the next 12 months. All the best Paul