The Totus Capital Alpha Fund is up 9% CYTD for 2020, during a period when global equity markets have rerated significantly. Throughout the episode, Ben discusses the opportunities he believes are being created in markets, and the short term trends that have been created by the virus. Similar to our previous guest John Hempton, Ben argues that this is a virus issue at its core which cannot be solved through central bank intervention.

Ben also discusses the ongoing management of Totus' book, which may contain circa 80 shorts and 40 longs on any given day. As well as his outlook on BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) platforms, proposed rental concessions and other impacts across the different age demographics.

The Totus Alpha fund has been running since 2012, and up to the end of Feb 2020 has returned 17.4% p.a. (net of all fees).

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