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They say big things come in small packages, but nowhere is that truer than in small stocks. These small companies offer the possibility of big returns, but that often comes at the price of higher volatility. In this week’s episode of Buy Hold Sell, David Allingham from Eley Griffiths Group and Andrew Smith from Perennial Value Management make some big calls on this eclectic group of small caps. Allingham identifies one stock with a history of lumpy earnings that he says has a “material re-rate coming over the coming years” as they transition to a more stable earnings stream. Meanwhile, Smith shares one stock with exposure to a2 milk and manuka honey, which he says “could be the next ALQ.”

Stocks discussed

Axsess Today (AXL) – This new entrant to the small business finance sector is winning market share from a struggling competitor, but can it maintain the growth?

Australis Oil & Gas (ATS) – Managed by the same team as the massively successful Aurora Oil and Gas. Will this experienced team repeat their success?

Smart Parking (SPZ) – Finding parking in a big city can be a painful task, which Smart Parking aims to make easier. The stock has more than doubled already this year, so has the easy money been made?

In addition, Smith and Allingham each share one small cap that’s caught their attention.

Microcap matters

In this week’s Thematic discussion, our panelists share their views on the market for small caps, the mining and tech sectors, and their top stock ideas.

In last week's Buy Hold Sell, our panelists shared their view on five small and micro cap stocks.

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