It’s that time of year! After months of macro dominated action, ASX-listed companies are reporting their earnings and showing investors what’s really going on. Expectations are the name of the game and this February it’s not just about the result but also the guidance and outlook commentary. Research has shown that stocks that beat analyst forecasts consistently outperform in the following months.

So, in this episode of Buy Hold Sell we ask Ben Rundle from NAOS Asset Management and Michael Wayne from Medallion to give you their views on three companies that have beaten expectations. We also ask them to nominate a stock they think has the potential to deliver a standout result. 

jim lolo

Always a very interesting section to watch

david Heath

always enjoy the banter and the reasoning. Some good tips

Mary Murphy

Interesting info to digest - thanks !

Michael Whelan

JBH keeps performing much to the chagrin of shorters and the pessimists. Good Guys is slowly getting there but I suspect they may have to take a goodwill hit the next 2-3 years if it doesn’t pick up. IEL, a solid performer and perhaps not well understood while part of Seek but now shining!