“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” This quote is often attributed (incorrectly) to Charles Darwin, but it applies just as well to investing. 10 months ago, Simon Shields, Principal at Monash Investors, told us that after locking in a ~450% gain on an investment in Kogan, he chose to not just sell out, but go short the stock. In the ensuing months, the stock fell by more than 60% as their thesis played out. Now, Simon tell us that he’s once again purchased the stock. 

So, what’s changed? And what could be a catalyst for further rallies? Find out in the video below.

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Jake Beazley

Put me down as not thinking that a stock cratering on the back of management repeatedly unloading large quantities of stock on the back of transparently dreadful penny stock-grade pump attempts as a "hissy fit". Now that the pumps seem to be working again they are apparently opting to remove critical metrics (e.g. those related to cash after an epic inventory / wc crunch) from quarterlies while increasing their borrowing facility's ceiling for good measure. I'm sure this is bullish. That being said: Well done for making money multiple times on legitimate medium-sized business turned largely stock promotion / blow up / promote again. Best of luck this time around.