Through reporting season, we are publishing exclusive fund manager commentary on specific company results soon after they are announced. The pace really picks up from here, and we wanted to flag what is coming up so that you can be the first to know, because as Coppo recently pointed out, stocks that move on day one tend to keep trending for months.

James Gerrish will be looking at CSL (ASX:CSL), Marcus Bogdan will discuss Cleanaway tomorrow (ASX:CWY), then on Friday we have Marcus Padley on Telstra (ASX:TLS), Chris Prunty on Domain (ASX:DHG), and Tim Hannon on Whitehaven Coal (ASX:WHC). We have commentary coming on ~3 results most days through next week. 

To be notified as soon as each of these are on the site, click on the link above for the relevant contributor/s, then hit the 'FOLLOW' button as per below. 

Then click on the ••• icon in the top right of the screen, select ‘Email Preferences’ from the menu, and select 'NOW' from the 'When a contributor I follow' menu - as per below.  

So far, Roger Montgomery has discussed JB Hi-Fi, Arden Jennings at Ausbil reviewed Service stream, and Hugh Dive has looked at Commonwealth. We have exclusive fund manager commentary planned for another 20 important results next week and will send an update on Friday detailing which ones. 



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