Disruption on the way for Sonic Healthcare. Sonic is the largest pathology company in Australia and Germany, and the third largest in the US. The business generated $3.5 billion in revenue and $340 million in NPAT in 2013 and employs thousands of pathologists, medical scientists and technicians. You wouldn't think a company like Sonic in such a stable industry could be at threat. Then along comes 19-year-old chemical engineer Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos - the biggest blood diagnostic company you've never heard of. A recent $400m venture capital raising effectively gave the company a $US9bn valuation - eclipsing Sonic Heathcare's capitalisation of $6.8bn. It's more than a start up and its run by a young woman with that change-the-world zeal'' seen in the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Theranos's technology is highly disruptive, offering multiple, simultaneous blood-diagnostic tests from just a few drops. Worth reading: (VIEW LINK) & (VIEW LINK)

peter calo

I'm still waiting for that disruption.