James Popovic

Great article Marcus!

Marcus Padley

Thank you James - a lot of work in this one!

michael magill

The RESOURCES Sector performance graft is the wrong one Marcus. Great read by the way and I took your lead and went over the top right behind you.

Mark Dawson

Wow! excellent work once again. There are so many great buys it's hard to know what to pick.

Marcus Padley

Thanks Michael will fix. Lets just hope there isn't a machine gun nest waiting 'til we get close!

christian gianni

Brilliant article Marcus! Was relieved to read your previous 'all in' article after I had made the same decision at the beginning of that week. You've outdone with this piece and even had me searching "Marcus today jobs" - if there was a graduate program, i'd definitely be jumping at the opportunity!!

Marcus Padley

Hi Christian - we have employed some fabulous graduates over the years but for the moment are "Full up" I'm afraid with a bit of a waiting list....but its a long life! You never know. Our best appointments have been "grown" not bought. So a big fan of taking on graduates. Cheaper too!

Dip Bos

Excellent article once again Marcus. Nice feast for the Easter break!

Justin Penn

I'd add Baby Bunting - BBN - to the buy list. Coronavirus baby boom coming! :)

Marcus Padley

Maybe in your house Justin 🤣

John James

A great read for a Saturday morning Marcus, even though I had already read it in your newsletter, I've been a member since the 04/03/11, it was good to go over it again. I wish I had been able to go all in at the same time as you, but I was still having my new account set up after getting out three years ago after 30 years in the market, I needed a break. I've managed to buy WPL at 19.78 and am looking at ANZ, BHP, CAR, CBA, REA, to start with.

Alan Holmberg

Another great article and interesting guidance, thank you Marcus..

Francis Buttle

Brilliant summary Marcus. A lot of food for thought. Just wish I had more cash available to buy several of these stocks!!

Carlos Cobelas

Boris was never on a ventilator. Just simple oxygen mask. A ventilator would have been a HUGE deal, as over 70% of COVID patients who need artificial ventilation die in intensive care units.

sidney ho

A comprehensive analysis. Good luck with your all in call on 25/3/20 which I beg to differ. Bear markets end in pessimism...

william pentecost

Excellent Detail WJP

David Yabsley

Great read as always Marcus but if we are heading for a recession I can't see CBA holding it's dividend and so the 10% might be a real stretch? And honestly I'm betting on a recession.

Mark S

Would you see Webjet's retail offer at $1.70 as a compelling entry point, eve if there is another leg down..?

Marcus Padley

Hi David - Recession inevitable I think but its all a question of price in the stock market and what's discounted what's not. I think the 'no next dividend' scenario for the banks is in the price and anything better than missed dividends and huge bad debt provisions will be a relief. Note WBC up today after clearing up the extent of the impact. Its all about price. We are going to look back on this moment and rue the day we read articles from Chicken Little fund managers paralysed into inactivity during one of the best buying opportunities in a decade.

Alex Gleb

Good work and great details ! Well done


Refreshing to read such succinct analysis, and it makes it so easy to read when you pony up and declare an opinion that is not couched in economist speak (eg “on the other hand, if this, if that etc).

Cedric Byrne

Good to see you got your mojo back! I remember the days when you were more conservative than my grandma.

John Hugh Brennan

Thanks Marcus, great read Quick question, is the average P/E in your tables referring to current price over an average of historic (most recent fin year) and forecast (what period) EPS? Thanks

Marcus Padley

John the PE is the average of this year, next year and the year after's forecast PE based on consensus earnings forecasts - not sure that's the most useful or whether I should just quote the current year PE - probably should, its what most people are used to.

Marcus Padley

Dear Cedric - is your Grandma the stunt pilot? Or the trapeze artist? 😂

Garnet Griffiths

Bet you a dollar we re-test the March 23rd lows in the ASX200 within the next 12 months! I don't believe the virus is being treated with the respect it deserves over the medium term, the next 12-18 months, and it's ability to flare multiple times within supposedly contained/squashed curve countries.

Tham Dinh

Very good article. Lots of hints to pick stocks. Thank you very much.

Francis Buttle

Just wondering. You wrote about APA in the text about Infrastructure but the chart was of AIA. Deliberate? (Correction. Text was about APA and chart is for ALX.)

Marcus Padley

Hi Francis - No that was an error - fixed now. Well Spotted.

Marcus Padley

Hi Garnet - Don't discount that possibility, but there is nothing to corroborate that guess or to dismiss that guess. We continue to take it day by day without predictions. You'll see in my next article that as of today (16/4/2020) we have started to take some profits as this rally runs out of gas.