Good Morning, Yesterday evening, I was invited to speak at Melbourne University’s “Unit” club event, joining some great panellists to discuss emerging markets. Paul Chin (Senior Invest Analyst, Vanguard), KC Low (Associate Consultant, Frontier Advisors), Simon Janes (Head of Mining & Metals, ANZ) & Brett Himbury (CEO, IFM Investors) were also part of the panel. The questions posed were both challenging and extremely intellectual and focused on the “BRIC” economies and whether a strong USD and rising US interest rates would cause further “outflows”… For those that are interested in hearing my thoughts, please don’t hesitate to be in touch. Last night, US stocks rose (Dow up 120 points) as the biotech sector rebounded and miners gained in Europe…. The AUD/USD is now above $0.72 and we feel this could be a “dead-cat bounce”, before another leg lower…. However, all eyes are centred on US corporate earnings which will kick off tonight… This will be the main catalyst over coming weeks…. SPI is up 24 points this morning