Standout sectors remain the same as last month, with autos and telecom equipment manufacturers still performing strongly…Average yoy volumes dropped from 2.34% to 1.88% this month…Average pricing remains flat at -1.32% cf. -1.41% last month… Consumer discretionary is driving growth at 3.44% volume growth, albeit down from 5.24%...Industrials have stalled, and Materials still weak, with falling prices (-1.95%) and volumes (-2.78%)…Positive products - Manufacturers of telecom equipment (FR32.2), Producers of motor vehicles & their engines (Fr34.1)…. Negative products - Cement & Concrete Producers FR26.5/6, Manufacturers of pesticides & agro-chemical products (FR24.2)…Watch products - Producers of rubber tyres & tubes((FR25.11), Producers of electric motors, generators & transformers (FR31.1)... Attached images include our global ratings for developed nations we cover as well as Sales and Margins for French sector we cover versus other nations aggregated....Subscribers can gain access to the full report (out this afternoon) here:(VIEW LINK)