Fidelity International

We conducted a cross-asset scenario analysis on potential outcomes from the upcoming midterm elections in the United States. Using both a macro and a bottom-up approach, our base case was for a Democratic House of Representatives and a Republican Senate, but we also considered the possibility of a sweep in... Show More

Geoff Wood

2018 has been a fascinating year so far with many different cross-currents running through markets. We have seen central banks hiking, just as Governments look to expand fiscally. At the same time, the big economic powerhouses go head-to-head on trade. Where does this all lead us? Below we walk through... Show More

Patrik Sjöblom

Since the day before the US Presidential Elections on 8 November 2016 until 31 March 2017, MSCI World Industrials has returned 12.8% in AUD-terms, outperforming MSCI World by 0.9ppt. Analysing stocks and sub sectors within Industrials, we conclude that this has not been a ‘junk rally’ driven by the low-profitability... Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Macro outlook: The herd mentality in the market has driven investors into the same market darling sector and stock exposures. The defensive yield and macro growth sectors are now trading at historical high premiums and delivering relatively low yields. The risk in global growth and US rate cycle can unwind... Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Macro outlook: Central banks return to currency war with BOJ, ECB and PBOC looking to further easing bias while US Fed has turned substantially dovish on interest rate cycle. China, Japan and Europe will need more stimulus to work through further growth slowdown while the US economy will also run... Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

We maintain our bullish long term view while the rise in US interest rate will deliver short term volatility. A recovering global macro, low interest rate environment, falling currency, lower commodity prices, potential stimulus from Europe/China/Japan and domestic rate cuts with weaker economy will help drive domestic equity markets higher.... Show More

James Nicolaou

VRL look set to deliver a solid FY15 on 21/8/15. One of the main drivers for this resurgence has been the influx of Chinese tourists coming in their droves taking advantage of a Falling A$. Chinese outbound travel continues to grow rapidly, with the number of overseas trips taken surpassing... Show More

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Figures released by the NSW Audit Office show the state government's electricity companies earned a combined profit of $1.54 billion in the year to June, up from $1.03 billion a year earlier. Surging profits pushed the electricity companies' return on equity to 15.2 per cent, from 10.7 per cent, well... Show More