Asset Allocation
Adrian Lemme

Australian house prices are falling. Credit availability is tightening. US mortgage rates are rising. These and other factors have put building materials stocks under pressure. In this paper we assess value across the building materials sector given our assessment of “mid-cycle” housing starts and take a view on where we... Show More

Bell Potter

The Bells Gold Tracker is a periodic update and review of ASX-listed gold equities and the gold market. We run through a current market theme, key company releases (including Substantial Holding Notices), a gold-producers’ comparison table, a gold equities performance “heat-map” and some key price and relative value charts. This... Show More

Paradice Investment Management

There are countless theories about the best way for investors to beat the market. Troy Angus, Head of Large Caps at Paradice Investment Management, has been able to consistently beat the market for over a decade and believes he has identified four key criteria that consistently lead to outperformance. Show More

Just how risky is the Materials sector? That’s the question we sought to answer as we dive into one of Australia’s largest industries. We use Axioma’s Multifactor Australian Risk Model to map the sector’s risk characteristics, style footprint, as well as the type of investment opportunity it offers investors. Show More

Standout sectors remain the same as last month, with autos and telecom equipment manufacturers still performing strongly…Average yoy volumes dropped from 2.34% to 1.88% this month…Average pricing remains flat at -1.32% cf. -1.41% last month… Consumer discretionary is driving growth at 3.44% volume growth, albeit down from 5.24%...Industrials have stalled,... Show More

"I still think we are in a slow-growth, disinflationary world. A disinflationary world means you want to own companies that don’t require price increases to grow their revenue lines. Historically, the two sectors of the market we can invest in that do best in that kind of environment are Technology... Show More