As a boutique manager with a focus on high-conviction investments in the Australian equities market, we at Firetrail Investments possess a combined 140 years of investment experience across a team of 12. Our boutique was established simply because we wanted, as an investment team, to actually own our business, thereby ensuring team stability, a strong culture, as well as an alignment between all of the Firetrail staff and our clients.

One of our key strategies is the highly rated Absolute Return Fund, a market-neutral strategy which is not dependent on the performance of the underlying market. The strategy is able to short stocks in order to generate returns and effectively eliminate the portfolio’s exposure to the equities market.

Importantly, returns are driven by stock selection and not the direction of the equities market. The aim of the Absolute Return Fund is to deliver returns materially above the RBA cash rate, which we have comfortably achieved over the history of the strategy.

In this Fund in Focus, we show you why a market-neutral strategy such as ours will become an increasingly important part of an investors’s portfolio.

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