Hamish Douglass says there will need to be a major disruption for a new player to come in and take market share from Magellan and Platinum in the international funds space. Douglass was glowing in his praise of the Platinum brand, however, he says the growth of Magellan can be largely attributed to the fact that until recently most advisers had no alternative in the international funds space other than via Platinum. He says now that both Platinum and Magellan have established brands it will be more difficult for the next players to come in. From a growth perspective Douglass says the SMSF space represents the biggest opportunity with the pie being a whopping $530billion. However, he laments the lengthy process that SMSF's need to go through to access managed funds and as a result this share of the market is only .4%. (VIEW LINK)

Steve Johnson

As a (much) smaller direct to investor fund manager I agree wholeheartedly with the logistical hurdles for direct investors being the number one problem. ASX's new mFund is a potential solution we are supporting wholeheartedly.