Carlo Chiodo

Great write up! Personally I'm not backing any telcos. Looking at companies that provide telcos with a value added or bundled services. With NBN expanding, the competition between the telcos is getting intense. The amount of junk mail from telcos promoting their NBN service has been staggering. The need to diversify their service is going to be very important in convincing households (and businesses) to choose them over another (its not all about price) and businesses that can help them do that will capitalise.


TLS Comment: Personally I am waiting on Telstra's latest report to see how the EPS has changed after the buy-back last year. Also very keen to see if the dividend is held or changed.

Glenn stanley

What about VTG?

Roger Montgomery

Hi Glenn, we wrote our thoughts on our site about VTG. Even though the weighting of VTG in our funds was relatively minor, we are nevertheless enormously disappointed.

Roger Montgomery

Hi Carlo, you make a very good point. I too have been seeing flyers most weeks at a lower price. Price wars aren't great either (for the customer yes!)