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Fund managers all have their own individual processes when it comes to selecting investments. Some will be bottom up, others top down. Jordan Cvetanovski, Portfolio Manager, Pengana International Equities, walks investors through his process for portfolio construction, and explains how it enables consistent and stable returns to be achieved over the long term.

Cvetanovski provides examples of stocks that meet the criteria for his three investment universe segments or ‘buckets’, which range from ‘core’ businesses such as a US-based boiler maker, through to ‘cyclical’ investments in the Swedish industrials sector, and ‘opportunistic’ plays such as a Chinese hotel group.

Watch the video below to learn how a stable core portfolio of stocks, that have shown consistent growth over a number of years, alongside two other ‘buckets’ of cyclical and opportunistic stocks, can help investors achieve stability, consistent returns and an ‘extra boost’ in performance.

Access growing companies at compelling valuations

Jordan aims to provide exposure to a diversified portfolio of highly cash-generative and growing global companies purchased at compelling valuations. The portfolio is created from the 30-50 stock ideas that work best together, rather than just the 30-50 best ideas. To find out more click 'contact' below.