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May 2017 marked the first month since September 2016 that the Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index outperformed large caps. Livewire reached out to six small cap specialists to ask: “Is this a turning point”? The consensus seems, with some terms and conditions, to be: “Yes”. Read on for responses from Wilson... Show More

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In the past few weeks 3 highly rated fund managers have come out singing the praises of BT Investment Management (ASX:BTT). Tim Samway of Hyperion spoke about BTT and the theme of investment managers here:, while OC Funds and Pengana Emerging Companies have both recently added the stock... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Pengana: Be patient with Mermaid Marine. Rhett Kessler, Senior Fund Manager at Pengana says despite the sustained sell-off in Mermaid Marine (ASX:MRM) since late 2013 they are committed to the company. We're quite a big holder of Mermaid Marine, which has not been kind to us. We think that's a... Show More