The concept of "impact investing" may be nothing new but it has become a popular way of thinking about markets over the past few years, as investors seek to not only generate a financial return, but a social and environmental benefit as well.

George Latham is the Managing Partner at WHEB Asset Management, investment manager of the Pengana WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund. George explains that the increased popularity is matched by an increased opportunity set as WHEB’s impact investment universe has grown from just 350 stocks when they first employed the strategy in the early 2000s to about 1000 companies today - a market that is growing significantly more rapidly than the general global economy.

He also explains the appealing reasons for the growth of impact investing, and why this investment philosophy presents an opportunity to invest in the "6th Industrial Revolution" and to benefit from the economic tailwinds associated with companies which are creating better social and environmental outcomes.

Watch the exclusive video below to find out more about this growing and exciting investment strategy.

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