India will overtake China this year to become the fastest growing large economy in the world. Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, described India as the bright spot in a cloudy global horizon, as the country's young population and progress on structural reforms would help the economy to “fly” in the coming years. “If the country can sustain its current pace of growth for some time – and that is likely – average household incomes will triple over the next 20 years making India the fifth largest consumer economy by 2025” and the worlds largest middle-class consumer market by 2030 (McKinsey, Deloitte). India currently enjoys some of the highest fixed income yields in the world – making it an increasingly attractive investment destination. A new White Paper titled “Investing in India: Fast-Tracking The Economy” highlights some of the key opportunities that are emerging. The full report is available to Livewire readers here.