Equities form a core part of most long-term investment strategies; they offer strong long-term returns, but at the cost of higher volatility than many other assets. But how should investors think about their strategy in this important asset class? That’s the topic of this week’s podcast.

In part two of this three-part mini-series, I sit down with Hamish Carlisle from Merlon Capital. Hamish is an excellent communicator, and has written some of my favourite pieces of stock analysis on Livewire this year. The goal is to provide the tools and the background needed to get started investing in equities.

We discuss what makes a great equity investment, some important skills and concepts for new investors to learn, and he talks us through a current practical example of an investment that he thinks is materially undervalued.

Time stamps:

  • 2:35 – What makes a good equity investor?
  • 7:33 – The difference between cash flow and accounting earnings
  • 11:10 – The most useful skills for an investor to develop
  • 14:44 – Hamish’s 'rules of thumb' for investing
  • 16:40 – 3 important concepts in equity analysis
  • 22:42 – How long should you hold a position and when should you sell it?
  • 25:41 – Hamish shares a current, practical example of a stock they've invested in
  • 29: 33 – Hamish answers our favourite questions

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Bryn Walters

Relevant content and the podcast a great format. Not fit for purpose however in terms of the language used to explain concepts to potential first timers.

Patrick Poke

Thanks for the feedback Bryn, I endeavored to keep the language simple but I guess we can't always get it right. Hopefully in the last part of the min-series the language should be more straight forward.

Justin Crome

Excellent work. I'm still addicted to your news service. I will atone with one final gift...

fred spengler

Have just stumbled on your podcast while cycling round Vietnam. Great stuff. You're very easy to listen to and have good range of guests. As I'm binging on them now hear some of last years guests predictions have failed. Ahh if we could bottle hindsight. Keep up the good work

Patrick Poke

thanks for the kind comments Fred. Yes, unfortunately we can't get them all right. If you can get 6/10 you're doing alright I reckon. As the saying goes, "making predictions is hard, especially about the future".

Michael Bueskens

I always love listening to Patricks podcasts. I dont often know the guests, but so often get loads from every guest. Angie Ellis was no exception. Few other offerings in the plethora of information is so easily understood, enjoyable and helpful. Im a fan :)