Jerome Lander

Excellent article Jonathan. Thank you.

wayne mckay

Very few commentators calling out the RBA for its very poor decisions over the last few years.

Aleksandar Bogdanovic

Well compressed, yet compehensive.

Eric Teoh

This is excellent! Thank you for taking the time to write this up!

James Marlay

Really enjoyed that Jonathan, gloves off with your views on the RBA. Does seem strange that we are still stuck with record low rates.

Robert Goodwin

I couldn’t agree more that the RBA has mismanaged it’s role badly. It’s sole focus has been on borrowers. It’s has lost complete control of interest rates. Banks do what they like,regularly dropping basis points off deposit rates whenever they need to fatten their margins. It’s difficult to see what RBAs influence /role is anymore. The same goes for politicians..their only interest is themselves’s called the lost decade, maybe 2 the way we are going.


It is great to finally hear a voice of reason, as it seems far too many commentators have their own interests at heart when they call for the RBA to lower interest rates yet again "because house prices are falling". Funny, I don't remember them calling out for interest rates to be increased when the prices were climbing at 20% per year, but it would have been far better for everyone if they had!