fiscal policy

Roger Montgomery

Is the next US downturn years away, or just around the corner? Either way, leading US economist, Professor Jeffrey Frankel, says it will be severe. And the reason, he says, is the Trump administration’s relentless pursuit of fiscal expansion and financial deregulation. Show More

Geoff Wood

2018 has been a fascinating year so far with many different cross-currents running through markets. We have seen central banks hiking, just as Governments look to expand fiscally. At the same time, the big economic powerhouses go head-to-head on trade. Where does this all lead us? Below we walk through... Show More

AMP Capital

For the last two decades, advanced country central banks have been focussed on price stability and have played the first line of defence in stabilising the economic cycle whereas fiscal policy has played backup, focussing more on fairness and efficiency. This same approach has been applied since the global financial... Show More

Stephen Koukoulas

My chart is from the RBA’s Statement on Monetary Policy. It captures a fundamental problem of what is now a sustained trend in falling income and stalling productivity. It confirms how poor the macroeconomic policy framework has been in recent times with nothing in the pipeline set to reverse these... Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Despite short term stimulus reprieves, the medium to long term dynamics point to slowing global growth, weaker commodity prices and lower interest rates. The conflicting monetary and fiscal policy settings will continue to weigh on any global growth recovery. The risk of the US Fed move, the negative outlook for... Show More

Zero Hedge Watch

Iconoclastic economist and Boston University professor Larry Kotlikoff, describes the US as arguably in worst fiscal shape than any other developed country. He estimates the fiscal gap at US$200 trillion, 17 times the reported US$12 trillion in official debt. What would it take to come up with US$200 trillion in... Show More