Are Robinhood & Robots responsible for the stockmarket recovery? Kevin Muir (The Macro Tourist) joins us today to to offer his take on the driving forces behind the recent resurgence, and a look to the potential trouble ahead if markets correct back to traditional fundamentally driven valuations.  

Our question of the week: How much longer will the bubble last? Let us know in the comments below 

Interested in a more bite-sized version of my take? I appeared on ABC's The Business last night to talk about what I think is driving (and what will burst) the bubble. You can watch below:

Back to this weeks webinar & podcast:

We have had a special focus in the last few weeks on the key players potentially driving the recent recovery in global markets. Today we resume focus on the theme, covering: 

• The robot & retail drive behind markets 

• Other drivers in the market 

• What we see as being turning points or key measures in this current bubble

Listen in podcast form here with the webinar slides to see referenced charts here

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Jonathan King

Great podcast - "Don't fight the Fed and Fiscal" is the new black. Given Japan has being doing fiscal with money now being injected into the real economy resulting in no inflation, is there a key reason we will be different?