Kasbah Resources has displayed all the elements typifying the cyclical conditions facing the mining industry over the past five years: a project ready to go, a 95% fall in share price and an horrendously high cost of capital stifling development. Kasbah is now displaying the bottom of the cycle leverage which, one by one, companies with an underlying value proposition produce as the cycle progresses. In highlighting several similarly placed companies (VIEW LINK), I suggested that the move higher will depend less on company specific events under the control of management than on seller exhaustion over which it exerts little influence. And so it seems with Kasbah. It has jumped 67% over five days. Queried by ASX, the company highlighted the removal of a share overhang as the catalyst for the large rise. Now for the next challenge: implementing a strategy to maintain the flow of new investors so as to sustain the higher price. This should have been underway. Unfortunately, too many companies have tended to neglect this task out of frustration, often resulting in higher share prices collapsing quickly.