Strategy outlook: We maintain a bullish long term view on the Australian equity market while short term volatility remains with US Fed and Middle-East unrest. US Fed move on interest rates in December will provide certainty for markets to move forwards. We remain positive on the yield and currency trade, while domestic economic deterioration creates more volatility and M&A opportunities. Quant strategy model portfolio changes: AAD, AUB, SDA, SDF, SHL, WES and WOW were added while ANN, BEN, BOQ, BTT, FXL, MTU and MYX were removed. Current quant strategy model portfolio: Materials – large (BHP); Transport – large (SYD, TCL); Consumer Services – mid (ALL), small (AAD, AGI, RFG, SGH); Media – mid (FXJ), small (VRL), micro (ICQ); Staple – large (WES, WOW); Health Care – large (CSL, RHC, SHL), mid (COH, RMD), small (GXL); Banks – large (ANZ, NAB, WBC); Diversified Financials – large (MQG), mid (HGG), small (IMF); Insurance – small (SDF), micro (AUB); Telecommunications – large (TLS), micro (SDA, VTG). (VIEW LINK)