Many markets, including Hong Kong, are operating a short week this week thanks to the May day bank holiday, which doubtless will leave Monday relatively quiet as well as many take the long weekend. Japan is effectively closed all week for Golden Week. In the UK, the Monday is the Bank Holiday, but in many senses the week will be anything but quiet since Thursday 7 May is the UK general election. The level of uncertainty is enormous, with neither of the major parties looking like winning an overall majority and the potential for disruption as coalitions, and the deals that go with them, is very high. The one currently capturing most attention is of course the role of the SNP as kingmaker. Or as Janan Ganesh of the FT puts it " The PM of the day will stand and fall on the decision of a party with about 4% of the votes in the UK and a founding mission to abolish that country. Ready my weekly note here: (VIEW LINK)