McKinsey's predictions for China in 2015. McKinsey Director Gordon Orr gives his predictions for China this year, which include: 1) Low wage growth. (We) will likely see the lowest annual income growth in China for at least a decade, with knock-on implications across the economy. 2) Fewer jobs. State Owned Enterprises won't be hiring like the good old days and a substantial proportion of new graduates will not find jobs that require a degree. 3) Declining confidence. Chinese consumers will feel less secure in 2015. 4) Lower Growth. Economic growth will be harder to find in 2015. 5) Online clamp down. Pirated DVD's will make a comeback as online piracy is more tightly controlled. 6) A new perspective. People are going to start talking about Chinese innovation and the high quality of goods produced in China. Full article available here: (VIEW LINK)