Chris Titley

Morgans Adviser Chris Titley recently interviewed Mike Ververka – Founder and CEO of Jumbo Interactive

Jumbo has been a stellar performer over the last year with the stock price tripling with multiple upgrades:

A summary of quotes from the interview:

LAST 12 MONTHS: “a lot of things have gone really well for us.. great results .. and a huge increase of our profits”

OUTLOOK : “Guidance of 20-25%...and that’s looking a little low”

POWERBALL: “The new Powerball structure.. it’s here to stay and we are expecting a lot more jackpots in the years ahead” .

IT PLATFORM : “We were doing 14 orders a second… and one of the winners of the $100m was one our customers, at 6pm at night .. the system worked beautifully”

ENGAGMENT : :”Every time you get a big event, like a $70-100m jackpot , we get an influx of new players”..

FUTURE : “In a couple of years, I’m really looking forward to a lot of growth… Let’s not forget only 18-19% of lottery tickets are sold over the internet, I think that growth will continue on for at least five years or more”


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