Last week we blogged on our results from the June 2016 forecasts. A ho-hum result at best with the hit rate about the same as a coin flip! This week we outline our forecasts for the coming half. We've tried (but not always succeeded) in using this bloggers guide to making public forecasts <a href="" target="_blank" data-event-type="click" data-event="link_click">(VIEW LINK)</a> and stuck to some ("Preferably publish your trades for 2017 in March 2017, or even later") but failed it in this one ("The usual first rule of forecasting is never to put a price and time frame in the same forecast."). We hope you find them both somewhat lighthearted and serious. If you find you are strapped for time I've included a short video below where Geoff Wood our Head of Macro and Risk gives a summary of the outlook.