2017 outlook

Alex Cowie

With the quarter drawing to a close, it’s time for our first check up on the performance of Livewire readers’ stock ideas from our 2017 outlook survey. This table highlights the ten leaders, as well as the ten laggards. You can access the spreadsheet for all 263 stocks below. The... Show More

Gavin Wendt

This time last year copper was in serious trouble - it had just hit its lowest level since 2009. What followed was a period of consolidation until the US presidential election in November, when prices lifted to 18-month highs on the back of Donald Trump's victory - and bullishness about... Show More

Chad Slater

Last week we blogged on our results from the June 2016 forecasts. A ho-hum result at best with the hit rate about the same as a coin flip! This week we outline our forecasts for the coming half. We've tried (but not always succeeded) in using this bloggers guide to... Show More

Chad Slater

Each half, we provide a series of “anti-forecasts” for what will NOT happen over this period. Discover whether our July 2016 calls ended up being right. Next week, we will publish our forecasts for the coming six months. http://www.morphicasset.com/blog/scorecard-anti-forecasts-dec-16/?woo_source=Livewire/ Show More

Gavin Wendt

Most pundits are universal in viewing an interest rate increase as negative for gold. As gold is a non-yielding asset, this therefore is negative for gold - or so the narrative goes. The key however is not rising interest rates per se, but the 'real' interest rate - that is,... Show More

James Gerrish

As is often the case our view is definitely against the majority. As I type economies are improving and the investment world is getting more upbeat about the market’s prospects. We believe more upside is likely to play out, however, we expect this to be a precursor to a deeper... Show More

Chris Stott

After a tumultuous 2016, the share market has had a solid start to the new year prolonging the so-called ‘Trump Rally’ which has seen Australian equities rally more than 10.0% from their intraday lows on 9 November when Trump was elected. With the year now underway and reporting season around... Show More