German Coalition Deal Secures Merkel’s Fourth Term in Power

Peter Wilmshurst

German equities recovered some ground early on Monday as the government coalition between Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Germany’s Social Democratic (SPD) party was approved by SPD members over the weekend. Show More

europe germany elections European banks

Health care to rise above industry challenges

Peter Wilmshurst

The various challenges facing the healthcare sector today have been brought to light recently with media headlines highlighting the pressures at play in a very competitive industry. The cost of healthcare in the US is a key challenge for providers and consumers of healthcare, where we have seen companies such... Show More

How politics are impacting markets

David Sokulsky

The political environment is arguably more important now for investors than it has been for many years. Trump’s presidential victory in the US, the rise of ‘populism’ in Europe, and potentially more regulation for domestic energy, healthcare and banking sectors all have the potential to impact markets. Show More

7 takeaways from our US road trip

Ned Bell

We recently met with 170 companies as part of a research road trip that crossed the US and Europe, to test existing investment theses, and look for new opportunities and trends. One key takeaway was that we have found far more attractive opportunities in global small to midcap (SMID) companies.... Show More

Technicals – cracks emerge in Europe - CAC40 index sell signal generated

Angela Mangan

The key European indices previously generated technical buy signals in a cluster in mid-July 2016, which identified the technical turning point in the region, and flagged Europe as a positive theme as detailed in a Wire at the time Show More

europe CAC

Too late to invest in Europe’s recovery?

Steve Johnson

In March I wrote an article for the Financial Review suggesting Europe was the last bastion of investment value. The three months since have been eventful, with a strong win for a progressive candidate in the French election and a shock setback for Theresa May’s conservatives in the UK. Most... Show More


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On the ground: Insights from Europe

PM Capital

PM Capital's Chief Investment Officer Paul Moore and Portfolio Manager John Whelan recently completed a research tour of the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain. In this video, Paul and John review their tour, sharing insights which show us that some current market beliefs are misconceptions, and that new opportunities are... Show More

This is when money is made in markets

Livewire Equities

Market sentiment often focuses on the negatives, even when economic fundamentals tell a different story. Divergence in sentiment and data like this can present significant opportunities. Andrew Clifford, CIO at Platinum Asset Management, identifies two such global opportunities, commenting that “this is when money is made in markets”. Show More

sentiment value europe China European banks Chinese insurance

The only macro factor that matters this year

Fidelity International

Nobody likes the middle seat. Recently on one of my flights with British Airways, I had the pleasure of having that seat. As a long-only portfolio manager one always looks for patterns, analogies and silver linings! Show More

oil europe interest rates China macro Trump

Our First 2017 Anti-forecasts

Chad Slater

Last week we blogged on our results from the June 2016 forecasts. A ho-hum result at best with the hit rate about the same as a coin flip! This week we outline our forecasts for the coming half. We've tried (but not always succeeded) in using this bloggers guide to... Show More

europe us markets Longform 2017 outlook

Hostages to Fortune: Our scorecard for Jul-Dec 2016

Chad Slater

Each half, we provide a series of “anti-forecasts” for what will NOT happen over this period. Discover whether our July 2016 calls ended up being right. Next week, we will publish our forecasts for the coming six months. Show More

Saul Eslake: Ten things to watch in 2017

Angus Coote

This time last year, JCB Advisory Board Economist, Saul Eslake warned of the risks of a Yuan devaluation: “A large devaluation of the Yuan would add renewed impetus to the deflationary pressures that policymakers in advanced economies are hoping will ebb this year.” This proved prescient as markets saw a sharp... Show More

Strategy Note: Getting specific in 2017

James Gerrish

As is often the case our view is definitely against the majority. As I type economies are improving and the investment world is getting more upbeat about the market’s prospects. We believe more upside is likely to play out, however, we expect this to be a precursor to a deeper... Show More

Three wires that caught my eye

Patrick Poke

Peter Quinton shares his latest ‘Quintessential’ stocks, Miles Staude discusses three big risks to markets, and Daniel Mueller assesses the threat posed by Amazon. Here are three things you should read this weekend. Show More

europe amazon yield chase Longform weekly wires

Risks in Europe to keep breakup in focus

AMP Capital

After the recent experience with the Brexit vote in the UK and election of Donald Trump as President of the US, which are indicative of a nationalist backlash against the pro-globalisation establishment, there is a fear that Europe will go the same way with nationalist forces in Italy, Austria, France,... Show More

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Growth investing in a world of rising rates

Livewire Exclusive

Despite the difficult political environment, things are beginning to look “less bad” on the macro front, says Nick Griffin, Head of Investments at Munro Partners. Emerging markets, Europe, resources, and banks have all recently bottomed out and beginning to improve, while Europe appears to be doing the same. “If you... Show More

resources europe growth investing Macroeconomic

Arrivederci Italia?

Marcus Tuck

The next major EU flashpoint is probably in Italy due to the combination of another politically charged referendum, diabolical public finances, a flat-lining economy and under-capitalised banks with a lot of non-performing loans. Show More

banks europe Longform brexit

Technicals - key European index buy signals generated

Angela Mangan

Yesterday it was flagged that key European indices had the potential to generate technical buy signals. As a result of of the further rally last night the Eurostoxx 50 (see chart below), DAX and CAC indices closed above key resistance barriers, thereby generating technical buy signals. It is a positive... Show More

equities europe

Forget Brexit - What about the soccer?

Marcus Padley

Imagine two football teams. An American Team that has 50 players in its squad and is run by a coach who has endless funding and confidently tells the players what to do and they do it. The players have utter faith in their coach. They are top of the league.... Show More

europe brexit

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Technicals - Eurostoxx50 - technical sell signal target @2700 reached

Angela Mangan

The Eurostoxx50 index generated a technical sell signal on 13/6/16 at 2853. The further sell off last night resulted in the minimum downside target located at 2700 being reached. The index technical outlook remains negative given there is no sign of base forming emerging. The declines that have occurred over... Show More

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