Well a fair bit happened in the past week. Amazon opened in Australia and there’s been that small issue about a banking royal commission. Graham takes us inside a presentation on behavioural finance and I’ll share some insights from one of Australia’s most respected hedge funds.

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On the Agenda

  • The amazing opportunity in healthcare that is right on Australia’s doorstep.
  • Behavioural finance and confronting the reality of what you need to live off in retirement.
  • Cheer up Australia! You’re being to bearish on the outlook for equities.
  • Amazon is here, now we can start to have a more balanced discussion about what impact it will have and who will be impacted.
  • Graham shares a less than pleasant IPO experience which serves as a timely reminder about information asymmetry.
  • One ASX company that is loving the Amazon experience and one that is looking like it might not make it.
  • And the inside story on why Barrack Obama loves Tony Abbott.

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