Last week I attended an engaging and insightful discussion featuring some of Australia's leading minds in asset allocation, economics and financial markets. Mark Burgess was the CEO of Australia's Future Fund and provides a great big picture view on asset allocation and the journey asset markets have travelled. Saul Eslake needs no introduction and is widely regarded as one of the leading economic minds in the country. Charlie Jamieson from JCB currently runs an active bond fund. He brings some unique insights into how money is moving and shares his opinions on how markets are currently behaving. The session is moderated by Jonathan Shapiro who in my opinion is one of the stand out journalists at the AFR. The discussion covers a wide range of timely topics, if you have some time I'm sure you will find this discussion valuable. (The session starts at 2mins 51 seconds)

Patrick Poke

What a lineup! Some of the best economic minds in Australia here in my opinion.