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Mortgage rates heading higher?

Livewire Exclusive

In this short interview, Charlie Jamieson from Jamieson Coote Bonds discusses his outlook for Australian mortgage rates, and explains the impact that the Fed is having on them. He also touches on what he expects from the RBA, and one potential driver of much tighter lending. Show More

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A warning siren from the credit market

Livewire Exclusive

The credit market sounded the warning siren well ahead of the GFC: credit spreads blew out in July 2007, before equity markets peaked in November 2007. In this short interview, Charlie Jamieson at JCB warns that while it is early on in the process, credit markets have recently started widening... Show More

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The elephant in the room investors have overlooked

Livewire Exclusive

Macquarie Infrastructure fell 41% in a single session in February, a direct result of the elephant in the room investors have overlooked, as outlined here by Charlie Jamieson from JCB. Charlie explicitly warns of the ‘train having left the station’ for a potential ‘down-the-firepole type pricing moment’ that all investors... Show More

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The five charts the experts are watching right now

Livewire Exclusive

Bond markets recently slapped equity investors in the face with a 50-basis point reminder of who is really in charge here. As the famous quote from James Carville goes: “I used to think that if there was reincarnation, I wanted to come back as the president or the pope or... Show More

June update: More patience required this time

Angus Coote

History does not repeat, but it can often rhyme. At the time of writing six retail UK property funds with $18 billion of assets have been frozen to investors sighting ‘’exceptional illiquidity.’’ These fund providers are all household names in the UK. Standard Life, Aviva, Aberdeen Asset Management, Henderson, Threadneedle... Show More

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What is a reasonable return?

Livewire Exclusive

With low growth and low rates investors are grappling with the question of what returns they should expect. Mark Burgess, former CEO of The Future Fund, has warned that investors now need to lower their sights. "The reason it's so critical is because if you've got too higher number, you'll... Show More

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Saul Eslake, Mark Burgess and Charlie Jamieson discuss investment markets for 2016

James Marlay

Last week I attended an engaging and insightful discussion featuring some of Australia's leading minds in asset allocation, economics and financial markets. Mark Burgess was the CEO of Australia's Future Fund and provides a great big picture view on asset allocation and the journey asset markets have travelled. Saul Eslake... Show More

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